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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1337
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at how science, technology, engineering and math education affects the workforce.
Bob Sommers - STEM Skills Start Early
Employees without bachelor's degrees hold half of all high-tech jobs in STEM-related fields.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1315
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the need for technical training.
Tom Coburn - Let's Get It Right!
U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., believes job training programs are not all created equal.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1324
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we focus on space and the enduring drive to discover the unknown.
Educating the Educators on Aerospace Jobs
Because the aerospace industry is key to our economic future, aerospace education needs to begin at a very early age.
Kiamichi Tech Students Excel in Advanced Classes
Students excel in advanced STEM courses at Kiamichi Tech Center and are honored as valedictorians at their high schools.
Becki Foster - STEM Education
CareerTech’s Becki Foster discusses the growing demand for STEM education in tech center classrooms.
Robert Sommers - Teaching Today's Learners
Oklahoma’s secretary of education and workforce development believes creativity is important in the classroom.
Successful Careers and Bright Futures
Economic success depends on businesses having highly skilled workforces.
America’s Workforce Future
Educators and industry professionals believe early STEM exposure will allow our nation to progress.
Mary Fallin - Oklahoma’s STEM Future
Gov. Mary Fallin has big plans for the state, and they involve STEM.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1434
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, foreign diseases make it to the States, and one Oklahoman is framing history.
Stylin’ Stylist
From accountant to cosmetologist, this college graduate changed career paths and retrained to re-enter the workforce.
CareerTech Connection
CareerTech’s technology centers help businesses and individuals succeed in the economy and workplace through guidance and training.
Helping Companies Grow Strong and Succeed
Valude Added: Meridian Technology Center’s business incubator helps businesses grow from innovative ideas to successful reality.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1439
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a close look at Oklahoma’s manufacturing sector and the jobs it produces.
Retraining Oklahomans for Today’s Workforce
Building a clear career pathway for entering the manufacturing workforce is critical for the U.S. economy.
Keep On Truckin’
Saber Transportation Support helps U.S. companies stay legal while moving products around the country.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1313
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at our state’s CareerTech System.
CareerTech On Target For Oklahoma Jobs
Proposed legislation could expand the Oklahoma Promise Program that helps students pay for higher education.
Robert Sommers - New Leader For CareerTech
We visit with Dr. Robert Sommers, CareerTech’s new state director, about his vision for career and technology education in Oklahoma.
You Can Do It All and CareerTech, Too
Many people believe you can’t attend CareerTech in high school if you plan to attend college, but one Oklahoma girl is proving you can do it all.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1631
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we examine the economic impact of Oklahoma’s Native American roots.
Native American Impact
Oklahoma tribal nations are community partners helping to grow a strong economy through workforce, business and quality of life.
Lucrative Career in Pipelining
Value Added: An unprecedented partnership with the Osage Nation is bringing jobs to Oklahomans, both tribal members and others.
Native Roots Legacy
Cherokee Data Solutions continues to thrive under the reins of founder Pamela Bickford’s family members, along with services provided by OBAN.
Carter Merkle - The Right Connection
The Indian Country Business Summit allows businesses to network with and learn from each other to find opportunities in government contracting.
Passion Drives Educators
New teachers share challenges they face this academic year and why they remain passionate about what they do.
CareerTech - Making a Difference
CareerTech educators prepare students to be successful in education, in the workplace and in life.