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Oklahoma Musicians in the Movies
Several Oklahoma musicians are showing some real acting talent on the big screen.
Financing Independent Films
Oklahoma is home to a growing number of locally produced films.
Nick Pinchuk - Growing a Highly Skilled Workforce
Snap-On Inc. CEO Nick Pinchuk says ideas and hard work must go together if we are to be successful.
Gov. Mary Fallin - Filling the Skills Gap
Gov. Mary Fallin works to begin an initiative to align education with workforce needs.
It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
Rocket scientist Norm Augustine believes what happens in today's classrooms will determine our country's future.
Bob Sommers - STEM Skills Start Early
Employees without bachelor's degrees hold half of all high-tech jobs in STEM-related fields.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1315
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the need for technical training.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1316
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine global warming.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1317
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at alternative fuels.
Business of Weather
Value Added: Norman Economic Development Coalition Executive Director Don Wood says the combination of the University of Oklahoma's meteorology school and ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1318
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the economic impact our wild weather has on the state, as well as training programs for disabled Americans.
What Is Global Warming?
Global warming is a hot topic issue that has scientists and policy makers taking sides.
Michael E. Mann - Global Warming - Fact or Fiction?
We visit with climatologist Michael Mann about his belief that global warming is man-made and definitely affecting the world.
Global Warming - Stop Cussing and Start Discussing
Sixth-generation Oklahoma farmer Clay Pope penned a plea to the U.S. president to do more about climate change.
Jim Inhofe - Global Warming Debate
Value Added: Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., weighs in on the global warming debate and explains why he considers it an orchestrated hoax.
Does Climate Change Affect Global Warming?
Value Added: Can Oklahoma’s drought be tied to global warming?
Richard Alley - Abrupt Climate Change
Value Added: Dr. Richard Alley found widely cited evidence of abrupt climate changes in ice cores during field research in Antarctica, Greenland and Alaska.
Nicole Colston - Childhood Debate
Value Added: We visit with a researcher who has looked at how the debate over global warming has worked its way into children’s books.
Final Thoughts - A Personal Note
Rob McClendon expresses his appreciation for the support shown during the loss of his mother.
True Dedication
The Phantom Regiment, a youth organization dedicated to the development of self-esteem and self-reliance, takes music to a whole new level.
Robert Henry - Liberal Arts Are Important Too
Robert Henry, president of Oklahoma City University, discusses why there is more to education than just the core classes.
Tom Coburn - Let's Get It Right!
U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Okla., believes job training programs are not all created equal.
What I Did On My Summer Break
The Autry Technology Center 2012 Teen Tour encourages students 11-14 years old to explore different career paths.
Mike Misner - Beginning Again
We visit with an accomplished musician who went back to school at Autry Tech so he could continue his life's passion.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1322
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at pathways to prosperity.
Demand for a Skilled Workforce
As Oklahoma's manufacturing and maintenance sectors continue to thrive, the need for more highly skilled workers continues to grow.
Do You Have the Skills?
We discuss the mismatch of skills to job openings in our state with Bill Symonds, the Pathways to Prosperity project director at Harvard Business Schools.
Connecting Education with Corporations
We discuss how connecting education with the corporations that do the hiring would affect our workforce, as our visit with Bill Symonds continues.
Skills Education is a Must
We ask Bill Symonds, director of the Pathways to Prosperity Project at Harvard Business Schools, how Oklahoma stacks up to other states in skills education.
Final Thoughts on Skilled Workforce
Rob McClendon shares his thoughts on business and industry working with education and training entities.