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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1337
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at how science, technology, engineering and math education affects the workforce.
STEM Education in Demand
Skills acquired in STEM education could determine our nation's future.
Gov. Mary Fallin - Filling the Skills Gap
Gov. Mary Fallin works to begin an initiative to align education with workforce needs.
It Doesn't Take a Rocket Scientist
Rocket scientist Norm Augustine believes what happens in today's classrooms will determine our country's future.
Bob Sommers - STEM Skills Start Early
Employees without bachelor's degrees hold half of all high-tech jobs in STEM-related fields.
Striking Back at Cancer
Research and discoveries in bioscience could lessen both the human and financial costs of cancer.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1315
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the need for technical training.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1324
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we focus on space and the enduring drive to discover the unknown.
Fascinating Careers in Space
Oklahoma’s Space Day raises student awareness of the rigorous curriculum required to land a career in the interesting field of aerospace.
Educating the Educators on Aerospace Jobs
Because the aerospace industry is key to our economic future, aerospace education needs to begin at a very early age.
Kiamichi Tech Students Excel in Advanced Classes
Students excel in advanced STEM courses at Kiamichi Tech Center and are honored as valedictorians at their high schools.
Becki Foster - STEM Education
CareerTech’s Becki Foster discusses the growing demand for STEM education in tech center classrooms.
Tom Stafford: The Man on the Moon
The Stafford Air & Space Museum includes space flight artifacts, an interactive aviation gallery spanning the history of flight and more than 20 historic ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1341
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at health care reform and the Affordable Care Act.
Successful Careers and Bright Futures
Economic success depends on businesses having highly skilled workforces.
Susan Lavrakas - Aerospace STEM Gap
The aerospace industry survives on STEM, but many workers are ready to retire.
America’s Workforce Future
Educators and industry professionals believe early STEM exposure will allow our nation to progress.
Brian Crain - STEM Education Funding
Many believe STEM education at younger ages will help our economy, but how do we fund it?
New Learning Approach in OKC Schools
Career academies allow students to study in-depth areas of interest, giving them head starts on careers.
Mary Fallin - Oklahoma’s STEM Future
Gov. Mary Fallin has big plans for the state, and they involve STEM.
Brain Drain Affect
Immigrant students graduating with degrees in STEM fields are finding it hard to join America’s workforce.
Lowell Catlett - Embrace the Future
Noted futurist Lowell Catlett believes the future is not nearly as bleak as some would have you believe.
Lowell Catlett - The Future of Work
As automation and robotics increase, it’s important to realize that technology creates more jobs than it destroys.
Lowell Catlett - Energy & Agriculture
Based on the simple laws of supply and demand, futurist Lowell Catlett believes the energy and agriculture industries will once again thrive.
Lowell Catlett - Medicine & Technology
Health care and smart technology are creating a medical revolution with do-it-yourself diagnostics at your fingertips rather than in medical facilities.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1642
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” our focus is on what’s next and how we gain the skills and attributes to thrive in a world not yet created.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1643
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we focus on STEM with a look at how educators and industry come together to plant the STEM seeds of interest in students.
STEM Brings Communities Together
The Oklahoma State Chamber and Oklahoma Works sponsored STEM workshops in Stillwater to get community input on advancing STEM education for important careers.
MidAmerica Delivers STEM Labs
MidAmerica Industrial Park’s STEM labs are helping educators promote STEM education to their students.
STEM: Real World Application
Stillwater Middle School teachers are planting the STEM seeds of interest in their students.