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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1322
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at pathways to prosperity.
Demand for a Skilled Workforce
As Oklahoma's manufacturing and maintenance sectors continue to thrive, the need for more highly skilled workers continues to grow.
Final Thoughts on Skilled Workforce
Rob McClendon shares his thoughts on business and industry working with education and training entities.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1324
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we focus on space and the enduring drive to discover the unknown.
Fascinating Careers in Space
Oklahoma’s Space Day raises student awareness of the rigorous curriculum required to land a career in the interesting field of aerospace.
Space Exploration Roots in Oklahoma
In an Oklahoma History Center gathering, Oklahoma astronauts commemorated President John F. Kennedy's space challenge.
Educating the Educators on Aerospace Jobs
Because the aerospace industry is key to our economic future, aerospace education needs to begin at a very early age.
Tom Stafford: The Man on the Moon
The Stafford Air & Space Museum includes space flight artifacts, an interactive aviation gallery spanning the history of flight and more than 20 historic ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1636
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at some of the fruits of our labor.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1708
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we focus on aviation and the impact it has on the Oklahoma economy.
Aerospace Impact in Oklahoma City
Aerospace manufacturing, engineering, education and maintenance all play a big role in employing thousands of Oklahomans.
Boeing Boosts Oklahoma Economy
Boeing’s footprint continues to grow in Oklahoma as the company builds new facilities and adds new jobs.
Natalie Nill - Giving Back
Value Added: When this systems engineer isn’t rebuilding airplanes, she’s giving back to the community by rebuilding houses for the elderly.
World Leader in Aviation Plastics
Vantage Plane Plastics in Alva, Okla., is the world’s leader in after-market general aviation interior and exterior plastics.
Aerospace: Educating the Educators
The Aerospace Education and Industry Partnership group trains teachers in aerospace technologies they can use in their classrooms.
STEM to Naval Academy
Gordon Cooper Tech’s pre-engineering program gave Whitney Heer the science and math foundation she needed to enter the naval academy.
Entrepreneurial Enid
Enid’s economy is strong as small and large businesses alike base their marketing strategies around the word “adventurous.”
High Flying Enid
Enid has a rich aviation legacy from Clyde Cessna to Vance Air Force Base -- and Aircraft Structures International, which has found an industry niche.
Enid’s Aviation Connection
Enid has been home to some phenomenal people whose aviation endeavors have made history.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1710
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at how the economy of the ninth largest town in Oklahoma continues to change.
Deidre Myers - Manufacturing is a Force
Manufacturing is a cornerstone of Oklahoma’s economic resurgence.
Belgian Aircraft Manufacturer Hiring in U.S.
Insourcing -- A Belgian aircraft manufacturer begins hiring in the middle of America.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1345
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at some small aircraft that are making a big impact in the world of aerospace.
Tactical Electronics: Up in the Air
Tactical Electronics provides video surveillance through UAV technology from a safe distance to protect those who protect us.
High-Speed Aircraft Competition
Speedfest is an exciting event that is intended to foster enthusiasm for aviation and unmanned aircraft design.
Do UAVs Violate Privacy?
There is a growing fear that surveillance drones, also called UAVs, will be used to invade people’s privacy.
OSU Flies to Forefront in UAV Research
Oklahoma State University is leading the way with the nation’s first graduate program in unmanned aerial systems.
Aerospace Jobs - Growing Oklahoma's Aerospace Industry
ASCO Incorporated, a Belgian-based aerospace manufacturer, is opening a company that will create about 600 new jobs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Frontier Electronics & Boeing Company - Project Space Station
Frontier Electronic Systems located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, is partnering with the Boeing Company on a project involving the International Space Station.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1230
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... new aerospace jobs land in our state; and, we take a look at some of Oklahoma's movie stars who work behind the scenes.