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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1324
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we focus on space and the enduring drive to discover the unknown.
Fascinating Careers in Space
Oklahoma’s Space Day raises student awareness of the rigorous curriculum required to land a career in the interesting field of aerospace.
Educating the Educators on Aerospace Jobs
Because the aerospace industry is key to our economic future, aerospace education needs to begin at a very early age.
Kiamichi Tech Students Excel in Advanced Classes
Students excel in advanced STEM courses at Kiamichi Tech Center and are honored as valedictorians at their high schools.
Becki Foster - STEM Education
CareerTech’s Becki Foster discusses the growing demand for STEM education in tech center classrooms.
Tom Stafford: The Man on the Moon
The Stafford Air & Space Museum includes space flight artifacts, an interactive aviation gallery spanning the history of flight and more than 20 historic ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1313
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at our state’s CareerTech System.
Robert Sommers - New Leader For CareerTech
We visit with Dr. Robert Sommers, CareerTech’s new state director, about his vision for career and technology education in Oklahoma.
You Can Do It All and CareerTech, Too
Many people believe you can’t attend CareerTech in high school if you plan to attend college, but one Oklahoma girl is proving you can do it all.
Passion Drives Educators
New teachers share challenges they face this academic year and why they remain passionate about what they do.
CareerTech - Making a Difference
CareerTech educators prepare students to be successful in education, in the workplace and in life.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1633
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” as a new school year begins, students, parents and educators all face a fair amount of uncertainty.
Social Media: Motive & Balance
Social media technology can be used to positively affect the classroom, the workplace and all facets of life.
Andy Masters - Generational Learning
People who value history, embrace change and evolve through technology will help bridge generational differences.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1715
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at the role agriculture plays in Oklahoma classrooms.
Susan Bennett: Hello Siri
Susan Bennett is the voice of SIRI, the Apple tool that can sometimes be frustrating, but also be very helpful.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1703
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we examine some of the factors affecting the cost and delivery of health care in Oklahoma.
Head Start into Medical Careers
Students at Pontotoc Technology Center are starting off their medical studies while still in high school.
Mission to Planet Earth
Created by Congress in 1988, the National Space Grant Act helps promote STEM education all the way from elementary school through college, which is why a group ...
Tinker, Create and Learn Robotics
After-school enrichment program techJOYnT provides hands-on learning, linking math and science to the real world.
Great Minds in STEM
Viva Technology is designed to engage students in activities that stimulate their interest in the applications of technology and provide STEM career-focused ...
Stephen McKeever - STEM Education Challenge
Value Added: Dr. Stephen McKeever, Oklahoma secretary of science and technology, discusses the importance of STEM education in a global economy.
4-H Forensics Sleuths
Some junior sleuths are using their deductive reasoning to search for the science in agriculture.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1411
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at FIRST Robotics, an innovative program that’s getting students excited about science, technology, engineering ...
FIRST Robotics Program
STEM education is the driving force behind the FIRST Robotics program and could very well determine our nation’s future.
Robotics: On the Road to OKC
Working with professional engineers and other mentors, students design, build and program robots for competition.
Robotics World Championship
Oklahoma students travel to St. Louis, Mo., to compete in what has been called the Super Bowl of Smarts.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1345
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at some small aircraft that are making a big impact in the world of aerospace.
Tactical Electronics: Up in the Air
Tactical Electronics provides video surveillance through UAV technology from a safe distance to protect those who protect us.
High-Speed Aircraft Competition
Speedfest is an exciting event that is intended to foster enthusiasm for aviation and unmanned aircraft design.