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Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1313
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at our state’s CareerTech System.
Robert Sommers - New Leader For CareerTech
We visit with Dr. Robert Sommers, CareerTech’s new state director, about his vision for career and technology education in Oklahoma.
You Can Do It All and CareerTech, Too
Many people believe you can’t attend CareerTech in high school if you plan to attend college, but one Oklahoma girl is proving you can do it all.
Becky McCray - CareerTech Presentation
Value Added: Rural revitalization expert Becky McCray shares how towns can bring their Main Streets back to life.
Dave Kohl - Building Rural Economies
Dave Kohl, a highly sought out speaker on changing economic trends, discusses the importance of entrepreneurs in any economic recovery.
Young Entrepreneurs
Metro Career Academy offers a new program that helps entrepreneurs navigate the intricacies of owning their own small businesses.
Mission to Planet Earth
Created by Congress in 1988, the National Space Grant Act helps promote STEM education all the way from elementary school through college, which is why a group ...
Great Minds in STEM
Viva Technology is designed to engage students in activities that stimulate their interest in the applications of technology and provide STEM career-focused ...
Rural Doctor Training
Health care is desperately needed in rural Oklahoma and so are doctors. Oklahoma State University and Physician ManPower Training Commission are providing ...
Aviation Training
Brent Wall overcame many obstacles in the pursuit of his aviation dreams. Metro Technology Centers students and instructors Brea Boris, Brett Cunningham, John ...
Aerospace Jobs - Growing Oklahoma's Aerospace Industry
ASCO Incorporated, a Belgian-based aerospace manufacturer, is opening a company that will create about 600 new jobs in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV - Full Show 1230
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON... new aerospace jobs land in our state; and, we take a look at some of Oklahoma's movie stars who work behind the scenes.
Mark Snead - CareerTech Is Going Strong
We visit with economist Mark Snead about the state of Oklahoma's CareerTech System.
Oklahoma HORIZON TV Show 1243
This week on Oklahoma HORIZON...the future of education.
STEM Sell$
College degrees in the critical fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics lead to higher-paying jobs.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1249
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at entrepreneurial successes in our state.
Career Paths for the Hearing Impaired
Maneuvering around isn’t the only thing that can be a challenge for disabled people. So can getting a job. But thanks to a unique program at Moore Norman Tech ...
Paramedic Preacher - You’re in Good Hands
Value Added: We visit Ringwood, Okla., where an innovative classroom is saving lives.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1305
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at Oklahoma’s wind energy industry and our legislative outlook.
Safety on the Pipeline
Central Tech in Drumright is meeting a critical need with specialized training for pipeline workers.
Truck Driver Training - Big Rigs
With the energy industry booming, semi-truck drivers are in higher demand than ever; and, Central Tech in Drumright is training new drivers to help meet the ...
Solar Industry - High Plains Technolocy Center
In a world where energy consumption will only go up…solar energy has tremendous potential; yet, still meets only the tiniest fraction of man’s need for power.
Interview with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi - Green Job Initiatives
We visit with Shawna McWaters-Khalousi from the Department of Commerce to learn more about Oklahoma's green jobs initiative.
Paramedic Preacher
We visit Ringwood, Oklahoma, where an innovative classroom is literally saving lives.
iPad Classroom
School textbooks may someday be as antiquated as the old blue ink mimeograph machines. Thanks to new computer tablets, classroom curriculum is becoming much ...
Interview with Kevin Honeycutt - 140 Character Conference
We visit with Kevin Honeycutt, a longtime educator and social media proponent, about introducing new technology into the classroom.
New medical technology in the classroom is giving Oklahoma students some hands-on experience, even if it is not flesh and blood.
Hometown PRIDE Training - Invest in Your Town
We take a look at a program called PRIDE Training that is being taught around the state to help communities welcome new businesses.
Oklahoma Veterans - Welcome Home!
We take a look at a coordinated effort that's underway to help veterans re-enter the civilian workforce in Oklahoma and reduce unemployment rates.
OK Military Connection
OK-CIS Military Connection, a national career information delivery system specifically tailored for Oklahomans, is a no-cost website that can help veterans cut ...