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Walter Scheffe - Hiroshima Vet
Value Added: A longtime civic leader and friendly pharmacist from Enid, Walter Scheffe piloted the Yokohama Yo-Yo, whose crew photographed the first atomic ...
A Marine’s Love Story
Value Added: When forgotten audiotapes to his wife resurface and bring back faded memories, Marine warrior Charles Migliorino fulfills one final mission.
Randy Norfleet - My Lucky Day
Value Added: Marine Capt. Randy Norfleet and wife Jamie share their experiences during the Oklahoma City bombing 20 years ago.
Dan Rooney - Folds of Honor
Value Added: Folds of Honor has reached out and lifted up thousands of family members affected by the loss or injury of soldiers they love.
Inmates Learn Life-Changing Skills
Value Added: More than half of Oklahoma offenders are serving sentences for non-violent crimes, often separating mothers from their children.
Prisoners Pamper Pooches
Value Added: Muddy Paws Grooming gives women who have criminal pasts a second chance to succeed in life outside the prison gates.
“The Braid” Mural
Value Added: Public art projects are bringing Oklahoma City walls to life through the artistry of its people.
A Familiar Haunting Melody
Value Added: Meet a family of Comanche flute players who are, in many ways, responsible for preserving an important tradition of Native Americans.
Ari Fleischer - Can Our Federal Government Be Fixed?
Value Added: Troubling news out of Washington tends to push stocks down and interest rates up, according to a study conducted for the nonpartisan Peter G. ...
Rural Connect
Value Added: Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative is using federal help to bring faster speeds and Internet service to rural Oklahoma.
Digital Divide
Value Added: Hillary Communications has partnered with USDA Rural Development to merge small communities onto the broadband superhighway.
Dr. Stephen McKeever – STEM Education Challenge
Value Added: Dr. Stephen McKeever, Oklahoma secretary of science and technology, discusses the importance of STEM education in a global economy.
T. Boone's take on CNG
Value Added: Dependence on foreign oil has long been an American weakness. We visit with T. Boone Pickens about what may be the best solution in a generation ...
Timothy Egan - The Worst Hard Times
Value Added: The dust storms that terrorized America's high plains in the darkest years of the Depression were like nothing ever seen before. The story of ...
Stringing Up Success
Metro Technology Centers students put their creative skills together to design and produce an art piece that stretches five stories high.
Metro Tech Art Installation for Creative Oklahoma
Value Added: Students from Metro Tech showcase their creative art piece at this year’s Creativity Forum at the Civic Center Music Hall.
Books in Harmony with Oklahoma’s Musical Heritage
We visit with authors John Wooley and Hugh Foley about the Oklahoma music scene.
Food Fight!
Value Added: Biotech is a scientific reality, but consumer acceptance of gene manipulation is slow, especially in Europe.
Port 33 Exports
Value Added: Work is being done locally to increase sales globally through exports at a small port along a small river that few Oklahomans even know exists.
Oklahoma’s Port to the Sea
Value Added: A new federal project is underway to help ensure the safety of cargo shipping out from the Port of Catoosa.
Robots . . . The Next Generation
Value Added: The FIRST Robotics program is attracting females to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
LEGO League (Learning with Toys)
Value Added: See how a LEGO League competition is getting kids excited about science and technology.
Mickey Hepner - State Taxes
Value Added: Mickey Hepner, economist at the University of Central Oklahoma, warns Oklahomans to think twice before trying to fix something that may not be ...
Thinking in Pictures - Temple Grandin
Value Added: We visit with Dr. Temple Grandin, a top advocate in the understanding of autism who is also respected for the invention of more humane animal ...
Paramedic Preacher - You’re in Good Hands
Value Added: We visit Ringwood, Okla., where an innovative classroom is saving lives.
A History of Health Care Reform Through Political Cartoons
Value Added: A History of Health Care Reform Through Political Cartoons
Face the Facts USA -- SNAP Program
Value Added: The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program now serves one in seven Americans.
Farm Boom and Bust
Value Added: Oklahoma State University Agricultural Economist Damona Doye discusses the ups and downs of farming.
Wind Power Growing in Oklahoma
Value Added: Our nation’s wind generating capacity increased by 50 percent in 2007, as many new wind projects sprang up across Oklahoma, pumping millions into ...
Investigating and Prosecuting Ag-Related Crimes
Value Added: Cattle rustlers used to hang for their crimes. Today’s punishment is less severe, but hunting thieves down is still serious business for ODAFF’s ...