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Native Roots Legacy
Cherokee Data Solutions continues to thrive under the reins of founder Pamela Bickford’s family members, along with services provided by OBAN.
Carter Merkle - The Right Connection
The Indian Country Business Summit allows businesses to network with and learn from each other to find opportunities in government contracting.
Kimberly Norris Guerrero - I’m A Cheerleader
Being Native American with adoptive white parents in Idabel, Oklahoma, didn’t keep this small town girl from becoming a Hollywood sensation.
A Proud, Insightful Native American
Value Added: Kimberly Norris Guerrero is very passionate about her Native American heritage.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1648
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we examine the economic impact of Oklahoma’s Native American roots.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1647
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we focus on those who keep our roadways both safe and efficient.
Highway Safety
Eastern Oklahoma Tech Center’s Big Rig Rescue taught teams how to deal with the special challenges of a wrecked commercial truck.
Wheels of Commerce
Trains, planes, automobiles and barges all play vital roles in Oklahoma’s transportation industry.
Inadequate Taxes Cause Bumpy Rides
Value Added: Oklahoma's motor fuel tax has not proved adequate to fund the maintenance of safe roads and bridges.
Bob Peterson - Big Rig Road Safety
Value Added: The president of Melton Truck Lines gives his best advice on keeping everyone safe on the highway.
Help Wanted: Diesel Mechanics
Caddo Kiowa Technology Center provides skills training and certifications to diesel mechanics, helping them land high paying jobs.
Newell Coach: Highway Star
Newell Coach builds custom motor homes from the ground up for clientele who want to get around in style no matter the cost.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1649
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at the state’s growing film industry.
Next Big Blockbuster
Director James Cullen Bressack shot the film “If Looks Could Kill” in Stillwater because of Oklahoma’s cash rebate incentive program.
Jason Burks - Retrospec Films
Jason Burks owns Retrospec Films in Broken Arrow, a business he dreamed up while still in high school.
Nearly a century ago radio shows were replaced by television, but audio shows are making a comeback online through podcast recordings.
Technology Behind the Sound
Value Added: High school students learn the art of production and sound.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1650
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at the value of adding value to everything from raw commodities to our workforce.
Lovera’s Cheese Goodness
Since 1907, Lovera’s has brought its distinct Italian flavors from the mountains of Piemonte to the plains of Oklahoma.
Value of STEM
Oklahoma’s state leaders remain steadfast in their effort to close the skills gap in STEM education to secure a job-ready workforce.
Computer Science Prep
The Francis Tuttle Computer Science Academy is designed to prepare high school students for success in colleges of computer science.
Quality Is Freshness
Miller Pecan Co. is one of a few U.S. growers that handle pecans from planting, grafting and harvesting to cleaning, shelling and selling.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1651
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at a very real problem in Oklahoma: hunger and food insecurity.
A Helping Hand
Western Tech’s Shelby Luna runs P-Willy’s Place of Grace, which provides food, clothing and other supplies to students in need.
No Small Potatoes
SST Software owners Matt and Kristine Waits of Stillwater, Oklahoma, are on a mission to help solve local hunger.
The Golden Ticket
Thousands of children and adults have experienced the magic and excitement of the Eastern Flyer Polar Express in Stillwater, Oklahoma.
Oklahoma’s Tough Economy
If policymakers can leverage the resources they have, economists say it could be a turning point for the state’s economy.
J. Brian Henderson - Money Matters
Cavanal Hill Investment Management’s president J. Brian Henderson shares things he’s watching this year that will affect the economy.
Ag: A Down Year
Farmers and ranchers each harness the soil and the rain to feed a hungry world, but this year grains and livestock prices are under a lot of pressure.
Terry Barr - Supply and Demand
CoBank’s Terry Barr says to understand our agricultural economy, we really need to look at the domestic economy and the global economy.