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Sharing Sacrifices
Mike Boettcher strongly disagrees with the old journalism saying, “No story is worth dying for.”
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1505
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine some of the unique challenges the state’s largest school district faces.
Working Together for Students
The Oklahoma City Public Schools superintendent reaches out to Oklahomans to make the district’s schools better.
Rob Neu - A Vision for the Future
Rob Neu talks about the challenges he faced as the new Oklahoma City Public Schools superintendent and his vision for the district’s future.
Total Wellness
Oklahoma City residents are learning that a healthy body begins with a healthy mind.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1506
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the history and the future of Oklahoma energy giant Phillips 66.
State Budget Hole
Oklahoma has a budget hole, and it’s our state lawmakers’ primary function to fill it.
Lottery Affects Education
Oklahomans investing in the lottery hoping to strike it rich are also investing in Oklahoma's education future.
Cuba Imports U.S. Wheat
Value Added: Four million dollars worth of Oklahoma wheat arrived in Havana in December, the first time state producers have sold to Cuba since the 1959 ...
Cuba Trade 2006
Value Added: State officials recently traveled to Cuba to discuss Oklahoma's agricultural exports to this island nation.
Fareed Zakaria - Ability to Adapt
Journalist and author Fareed Zakaria believes America’s success hinges on the ability to adapt to changing dynamics in the global economy.
Cuba: Vital Market in Ag Industry
The United States is building relations with Cuba and growing its agricultural export market.
OSU Special Needs Livestock Show
A Stillwater, Okla., livestock show for students with special needs highlights their showmanship in the show ring.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1515
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we show you how unmanned aircraft systems may soon be flying friendlier skies.
Jamey Jacob - Future of UAS
Unmanned aircraft systems are being used to study everything from tornadoes to a rancher’s herd.
Do Unmanned Aircraft Systems Violate Privacy?
Lawmakers are looking to clamp down on who can use unmanned aircraft systems and for what purpose.
Oklahoma Standard: Spirit of Generosity
The Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum provides lessons for generations to come.
Walter Scheffe - Hiroshima Vet
A longtime civic leader and friendly pharmacist from Enid, Walter Scheffe piloted the Yokohama Yo-Yo, whose crew photographed the first atomic bomb and its ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1520
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we’ll look at concerns over an outbreak that threatens the poultry industry and skills training to fill in-demand jobs.
Avian Flu Affects Poultry Sector
Producers of domestic birds -- chickens, ducks and turkeys -- are feeling the effects of the avian influenza virus.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1521
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we honor those who have served in uniform and have sacrificed so much for our country.
Greatest Generation: World War II Memories
Jack M. Givens, 2012 recipient of the Governor’s Outstanding Achievement Award in Agriculture, shares memories from World War II.
James Bradley - Flags of Our Fathers
James Bradley shares the personal side of the story behind the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima.
Walter Scheffe - Hiroshima Vet
Value Added: A longtime civic leader and friendly pharmacist from Enid, Walter Scheffe piloted the Yokohama Yo-Yo, whose crew photographed the first atomic ...
A Marine’s Love Story
Value Added: When forgotten audiotapes to his wife resurface and bring back faded memories, Marine warrior Charles Migliorino fulfills one final mission.
Randy Norfleet - My Lucky Day
Value Added: Marine Capt. Randy Norfleet and wife Jamie share their experiences during the Oklahoma City bombing 20 years ago.
Dan Rooney - Folds of Honor
Value Added: Folds of Honor has reached out and lifted up thousands of family members affected by the loss or injury of soldiers they love.
Online Battlefield
The battlefield of today is not just on foreign land, as online attacks are a growing threat for the United States.
Military Connection - Helping Vets Find Jobs
Helping veterans find employment is the goal of an upcoming Oklahoma Military Connection hiring event.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1522
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at the “Friends for Folks” program at the Lexington Assessment and Reception Center.