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Clark Musser Discusses George Washington
Value Added: George Washington’s greatness is established by the fact that he played three seminal roles in our nation’s founding.
Police Academy
Value Added: A law enforcement student at Great Plains Technology Center hopes to become an FBI agent.
Shoot to Stop, Not to Kill
Value Added: A first-hand look inside an Oklahoma CLEET program shows what it takes to wear an officer’s badge.
New Generation: Do You Have What It Takes?
Value Added: Law enforcement training is preparing a new generation that could face a rise in terrorism.
David Cid - Making Headway on Terrorism
Value Added: The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terror is dedicated to improving the policies and intelligence skills of officers in the United ...
How Secure Are We?
Value Added: Since 9/11, most of our lives have gone on with only minor modifications, possibly because of the work that goes on behind the scenes in law ...
Bill Citty - Paramilitary Practices
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty talks about the pros and cons of paramilitary-style policing.
Bill Citty - Keeping Up With the Times
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty talks about how changes in attitudes about marijuana have put pressure on recruitment.
Taking the Lemon Challenge
Value Added: People around the state and beyond are taking the HOSA Lemon Challenge to raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause.
John Harned - Senior Living
Value Added: John Harned, president and CEO of Epworth Villa, visits with us about preparing for our golden years.
Becky McCray - Social Networking
Value Added: Social media expert Becky McCray says the key to success on the Web can be found in any small town.
Skills Gap: Employers Need Skilled Workers
Value Added: Oklahoma’s business sector is strong, but worker credentials are not, which has created a skills gap for employers trying to fill jobs.
Skills Gap: Job Search - Persistence Is Key
Value Added: Acquiring skills certifications can help job seekers find employment.
Nick Pinchuk - The Need for Career and Technical Education
Value Added: Nick Pinchuk, CEO of Snap-On Inc., believes technology education could determine the future of companies like his – and the American economy.
Downtown Fruit
Value Added: In downtown McAlester, Okla., Whispering Meadows Vineyard & Winery is a one-stop shop for any wine connoisseur.
One Taste at a Time
Value Added: Just outside of Fairview, Okla., the Flaming family’s orchard and winery is growing clientele, one taste at a time.
Epic Hard Times
Value Added: The story of one Oklahoma family during the Dust Bowl shows the value of resilience in the face of overwhelming odds.
Busing the Natural Gas Way
Value Added: The United States may have enough natural gas to fuel our country for another century. The challenge is how to get our vehicles running on it.
Pump Fiction - Solving Our Energy Dependence
Value Added: We visit with Ron Mercer and Bob Hammack, co-producers of a new online video called “Pump Fiction,” about why they think their idea is the way to ...
T. Boone's Take on CNG
Value Added: Dependence on foreign oil has long been an American weakness. We visit with T. Boone Pickens about what may be the best solution in a generation ...
Todd Halihan -- Earthquake 101 (Complete Interview)
Value Added: Oklahoma State University Associate Professor of Geology Todd Halihan discusses his research on Oklahoma earthquakes.
Deidre Myers - Manufacturing is a Force
Value Added: Manufacturing is a cornerstone of Oklahoma’s economic resurgence.
Small Town Exports
Value Added: Wilco Manufacturing in Duncan, Okla., exports products worldwide.
Belgian Aircraft Manufacturer Hiring in United States
Value Added: Insourcing -- A Belgian aircraft manufacturer begins hiring in the middle of America.
Gov. Mary Fallin on Veteran Jobs
Value Added: We visit with Gov. Mary Fallin about her involvement in projects that help prepare troops for their return to Oklahoma.
Veteran Life After War
Value Added: We introduce you to some disabled American veterans hoping to turn their military sacrifices into civilian success.
Tom Stafford - Advancements in Technology
Value Added: Gen. Tom Stafford shares a funny story about changes in technology.
Politics in Oklahoma
Value Added: Oklahoma Republicans proudly proclaim the state as the reddest in the nation, so it may come as a bit of a surprise that Oklahoma’s history ...
Economic Impact of Farm Subsidies
Value Added: Farm subsidies, those direct payments and price supports for farmers, are just a fraction of the total cost of the farm bill, but they generate ...
Frank Lucas Profile - Agricultural Impact
Value Added: We visit with Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla., in our nation's capital about the impact agriculture has on our state.
2 Million Minutes (S.T.E.M. Overview)
Value Added: New technology is helping students in Oklahoma maintain a globally competitive edge.