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Bill Citty - Law Enforcement Under Fire
Police officers risk their own safety to protect ours, but in the court of public opinion, law enforcement is increasingly on trial.
Bill Citty - Community Relations
Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty discusses the role community policing plays in dispelling the growing racial tension around the country.
Law Enforcement Officer Prep
Students prepare for careers in law enforcement through courses in police fundamentals, defensive tactics, technical investigation and criminal law.
Police Academy
Value Added: A law enforcement student at Great Plains Technology Center hopes to become an FBI agent.
Shoot to Stop, Not to Kill
Value Added: A first-hand look inside an Oklahoma CLEET program shows what it takes to wear an officer’s badge.
New Generation: Do You Have What It Takes?
Value Added: Law enforcement training is preparing a new generation that could face a rise in terrorism.
David Cid - Making Headway on Terrorism
Value Added: The Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terror is dedicated to improving the policies and intelligence skills of officers in the United ...
How Secure Are We?
Value Added: Since 9/11, most of our lives have gone on with only minor modifications, possibly because of the work that goes on behind the scenes in law ...
Bill Citty - New Challenges
The dramatic rise in mass shootings, many related to the convergence of mental illness and guns, creates challenges in law enforcement.
Bill Citty - Paramilitary Practices
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty talks about the pros and cons of paramilitary-style policing.
Bill Citty - Keeping Up With the Times
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty talks about how changes in attitudes about marijuana have put pressure on recruitment.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1629
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” our focus is on law enforcement and the challenges of 21st century policing.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1432
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at some areas of tremendous growth in new segments of our economy.
Pay Now, Receive Benefits Later
What does the future hold for Social Security and Medicare benefits?
The Financial Side of Aging
We look at the financial side of aging for those who will be dependent on Social Security and Medicare benefits.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1441
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine the growing concern over educational outcomes in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1326
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we remember the life of Woody Guthrie.
Politics in Oklahoma
Value Added: Oklahoma Republicans proudly proclaim the state as the reddest in the nation, so it may come as a bit of a surprise that Oklahoma’s history ...