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Stylin’ Stylist
From accountant to cosmetologist, this college graduate changed career paths and retrained to re-enter the workforce.
Tea with a Twist
A glass of Tea’s Perfect Blend with its special sauce is a refreshing drink you will definitely want refills of.
CareerTech Connection
CareerTech’s technology centers help businesses and individuals succeed in the economy and workplace through guidance and training.
Helping Companies Grow Strong and Succeed
Valude Added: Meridian Technology Center’s business incubator helps businesses grow from innovative ideas to successful reality.
Vince Orza - Still On Top
Value Added: Vince Orza discusses his dynamic career as a small business entrepreneur, corporate executive, TV news anchor, university professor and dean and ...
Young Entrepreneurs
Value Added: Metro Career Academy offers a new program that helps entrepreneurs navigate the intricacies of owning their own small businesses.
Charles Ford - Framing History
Former state Sen. Charles Ford has led the way in framing the history of the Oklahoma Capitol.
Gallery Provides Learning Experiences
The Oklahoma State University Museum of Art provides opportunities for students to experience art through exhibitions and programs.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1435
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, with another college football season underway, we look at the life off the field of an Oklahoma coaching legend.
NCAA Is Under Fire
College athletes are crying foul with coaches, athletic programs and TV networks getting rich at their expense.
The System: The Glory and Scandal
Value Added: We go deep inside the workings of college football with Jeff Benedict who co-wrote the book, “The System, the Glory and the Scandal of Big-Time ...
College Football: The Underworld
Value Added: Is the free education a college football player receives a fair trade-off for the experience and the injuries he incurs on the gridiron?
Jay Wilkinson - Letters From Dad
Jay Wilkinson shares another side of the University of Oklahoma’s famous coach Bud Wilkinson -- as a father and mentor.
Big Changes in NCAA
College athletics is changing because there is just too much money involved for the NCAA not to change.
Wisdom Through Letters
Bud Wilkinson’s letters to his son reach far beyond sports and speak to the timeless lessons every father wants to teach his children.
Singing the Blues
Israeli musician Bat-or Kalo followed her passion to the United States on a work visa.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1437
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine how Oklahoma’s weather affects agriculture and the state’s economy.
Unpredictable Weather Affects Ag
Ag producers’ fortunes are as tied to the weather as they are the soil.
Rough Years for Farmers
Oklahoma’s ongoing drought has taken both financial and emotional tolls on farmers.
The Dry and Rainy Years
Through the years Oklahoma has experienced its share of drought conditions – some spanning generations.
Gary McManus - Economic Impact of Drought
Despite recent rains, most of the state remains in drought as the long-term impact on ag continues.
Improving Efficiency and Sustainability
The USDA’s Grazinglands Research Laboratory is designed to help farmers and ranchers adapt to a changing climate.
Watermelon: A Summertime Favorite
From watermelons to carnival rides and vendors, the annual Rush Springs Watermelon Festival is a fun day for the entire family.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1439
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a close look at Oklahoma’s manufacturing sector and the jobs it produces.
Manufacturing Comeback in Oklahoma
Companies that once outsourced are finding that keeping production closer to home improves quality and gets their products to market faster.
Manufacturing Expertise Affects Energy Industry
Kimray Inc. has been manufacturing equipment to tap into energy resources worldwide for more than 60 years.
Oklahoma’s Manufacturing Workforce Is Ready
Winter Fabrication is recognized nationally as a highly successful metal manufacturing company that’s building its brand one skilled employee at a time.
Retraining Oklahomans for Today’s Workforce
Building a clear career pathway for entering the manufacturing workforce is critical for the U.S. economy.
Keep On Truckin’
Saber Transportation Support helps U.S. companies stay legal while moving products around the country.
Stephanie Stutts - Digging Up the Past
A desire to make discoveries and try new experiences has people digging up artifacts and preserving them for future generations.