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SOARing Higher
Breaking the cycle of addiction is one of the goals of the Southern Oklahoma Addiction Recovery program in Ada, Oklahoma.
SOAR - Alternative to Incarceration
Value Added: SOAR provides a work program alternative to incarceration for nonviolent drug and alcohol offenders.
Adam Luck - Right On Crime
Value Added: Right On Crime is the conservative approach to criminal justice: fighting crime, supporting victims and protecting taxpayers.
Kris Steele - Incarceration Issues
Value Added: Incarceration is not only a social issue for Oklahoma, but also an economic issue.
Kris Steele - Incarcerate or Rehabilitate?
Value Added: Would offenders who do not pose a threat to public safety benefit more treatment, education and job training rather than incarceration?
Kris Steele - TEEM
Value Added: The Education and Employment Ministry is dedicated to breaking cycles of incarceration and poverty.
Jason Kirksey - Diversity in Education
Oklahoma State University’s Dr. Jason Kirksey discusses the role diversity plays in education.
Paul Pierson - Learn from the Past
A mixed economy, combining market and government contributions, will bring societal success, says political scientist Paul Pierson.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1711
How big -- or small -- should our government be? This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we hear from both sides of the political debate.
EconTalk: Communicating Economics
Author and economist Russ Roberts explains economics to noneconomists as host of the EconTalk podcast.
Russ Roberts - Free Market Politician
Trade and innovation are about finding ways to do more with less to create prosperity for everyone, Russ Roberts says.
Russ Roberts - Money Isn’t Everything
For a happy life, one economist says, you should pursue education as a tool to acquire skills for a fulfilling, rewarding and financially sustainable career.
Randy Norfleet - My Lucky Day
Value Added: Marine Capt. Randy Norfleet and wife Jamie share their experiences during the Oklahoma City bombing 20 years ago.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1714
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we meet four individuals honored for their lifelong contributions to Oklahoma agriculture.
Floyd King - Ag Outstanding Legacy
Garrett King reflects on memories of his grandfather Floyd King, known as the father of the Oklahoma peanut industry.
Hal Clark - Ag Environmental Stewardship
Hal Clark has spent a lifetime raising cattle in the wide-open spaces and bitter extremes of our state’s panhandle.
Anna Belle Wiedemann - Ag Public Service
Anna Belle Wiedemann, a trailblazing agriculturist, is quick to say nothing good comes easy, and a little hard work never hurt anyone.
Virgil Jurgensmeyer - Ag Outstanding Achievement
Virgil Jurgensmeyer, owner of J-M Farms Inc., became interested in food safety as a young boy while helping his mother can vegetables.
2017 Ag Hall of Fame
Gov. Mary Fallin recognized four agricultural trailblazers for their achievements in the ag industry.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1715
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at the role agriculture plays in Oklahoma classrooms.
Restoring Oklahoma’s Capitol
A mild winter has allowed work crews to progress in the Oklahoma Capitol restoration project.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1717
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we examine how those who serve in the military transition back into civilian life.
American Soldier
The military trains relentlessly to take raw young men and women and craft them into focused, driven soldiers.
Soldiers: After the Boots
Soldiers adapt to and overcome many obstacles, but none is more daunting than the civilian world awaiting them at the end of their tours of duty.
Soldier for Life
The Soldier For Life program helps military men and women transition back into civilian life.
Help Wanted: Hire Vets
Employers need employees who show up on time, work effectively and efficiently and get along with others – all qualities of military veterans.
Life-changing Tour of Duty
Noah Galloway makes no excuses for life-changing injuries sustained while serving his country, but shares his story to motivate and inspire others.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1721
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we travel the state and see how some Oklahomans are changing lives with a helping hand.
Remembrance: A Marine’s Love Story
Marine warrior Charles Migliorino’s audio love letters to his wife brought great joy to a fallen Marine’s family.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1445
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, our focus is on what has become the longest war in U.S. history.