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Transition from Soldier to Student
Military veterans head back to school in hopes of gaining the skills for their final fight – getting jobs.
The Hornet’s Nest
“The Hornet’s Nest” exemplifies the heroism and courage of our military personnel who face endless gun battles, roadside bombings and sniper fire.
Mike Boettcher - Reporting Under Fire
War correspondent Mike Boettcher lives in and works from some of the most dangerous spots in the world.
Returning to Civilian Life
The Oklahoma Military Connection helps returning veterans find new careers back at home.
Dan Rooney - Folds of Honor
Folds of Honor has reached out and lifted up thousands of family members affected by the loss or injury of soldiers they love.
Sharing Sacrifices
Mike Boettcher strongly disagrees with the old journalism saying, “No story is worth dying for.”
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1705
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we look at new trends in housing for the state and the jobs they create.
Restoration of Historic Lighting
Gary Behm’s family business, St. Louis Antique Lighting Co., is restoring and replicating the antique light fixtures at the Oklahoma Capitol.
Gettysburg of the West
The Battle of Honey Springs, Oklahoma’s largest Civil War engagement, was won by black soldiers, many from the Creek Nation.
Kari Barber - Endangered Legacy
All-black towns in Oklahoma and America, which thrived after the Civil War, are an endangered legacy missing from many history books.
Bob Blackburn - Preserving Black History
The Coltrane Group and Oklahoma History Center want to revitalize the 13 all-black towns left from the more than 50 that once existed in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1706
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we visit the historic all-black town of Rentiesville to see its new lease on life after decades of disrepair.
Walter Scheffe - Hiroshima Vet
Value Added: A longtime civic leader and friendly pharmacist from Enid, Walter Scheffe piloted the Yokohama Yo-Yo, whose crew photographed the first atomic ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1712
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” our focus is on education, but education in some very different places.
Bill Citty - Law Enforcement Under Fire
Value Added: Police officers risk their own safety to protect ours, but in the court of public opinion, law enforcement is increasingly on trial.
Bill Citty - Community Relations
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty discusses the role community policing plays in dispelling the growing racial tension around the country.
Bill Citty - New Challenges
Value Added: The dramatic rise in mass shootings, many related to the convergence of mental illness and guns, creates challenges in law enforcement.
Bill Citty - Paramilitary Practices
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty talks about the pros and cons of paramilitary-style policing.
Bill Citty - Keeping Up With the Times
Value Added: Oklahoma City Police Chief Bill Citty talks about how changes in attitudes about marijuana have put pressure on recruitment.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1713
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we examine modern policing – law enforcement for the 21st century.
Ed Davis - Modern Policing
Law enforcement has changed over the years; police officers are now targets of attack as they work to serve and protect communities.
Police: Community Involvement
The Oklahoma City Police Department invests time, money in Metro Tech’s pre-law enforcement program to train officers in community relations.
CyberPatriots: Securing Networks
Central Tech’s CyberPatriot team qualifies for the CyberPatriot National Finals Competition for the third year.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1722
How big -- or small -- should our government be? This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we hear from both sides of the political debate.
EconTalk: Communicating Economics
Author and economist Russ Roberts explains economics to noneconomists as host of the EconTalk podcast.
Russ Roberts - Free Market Politician
Trade and innovation are about finding ways to do more with less to create prosperity for everyone, Russ Roberts says.
Russ Roberts - Money Isn’t Everything
For a happy life, one economist says, you should pursue education as a tool to acquire skills for a fulfilling, rewarding and financially sustainable career.
Paul Pierson - Learn from the Past
A mixed economy, combining market and government contributions, will bring societal success, says political scientist Paul Pierson.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1722 - RFD
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” we meet four individuals honored for their lifelong contributions to Oklahoma agriculture.
Floyd King - Ag Outstanding Legacy
Garrett King reflects on memories of his grandfather Floyd King, known as the father of the Oklahoma peanut industry.