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From Pain to Triumph
Noah Galloway makes no excuses for life-changing injuries sustained while serving his country, but shares his story to motivate and inspire others.
Gov. Mary Fallin - Oklahoma Works 2015
Value Added: Oklahoma Works aims to increase Oklahomans’ wealth by helping create good jobs for workers and good workers for business and industry.
Walter Scheffe - Hiroshima Vet
Value Added: A longtime civic leader and friendly pharmacist from Enid, Walter Scheffe piloted the Yokohama Yo-Yo, whose crew photographed the first atomic ...
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1627
This week on “Oklahoma Horizon,” the life of George Washington and the lessons we can learn from America’s first president.
George Washington: A Great and a Good Man
Without hesitation, George Washington served his country in many roles, earning him an important place in our nation’s history.
George Washington: Commander-in-Chief
George Washington was known for his bravery as he fought alongside his soldiers in the heart of the battle, gaining their respect and admiration.
George Washington: Founding Father
George Washington, through the Constitutional Convention, created a central government in which the United states was born.
George Washington: The Presidency
George Washington did not want to be president and did not campaign for it, but was unanimously elected the first president of the United States.
Clark Musser Discusses George Washington
Value Added: George Washington’s greatness is established by the fact that he played three seminal roles in our nation’s founding.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1430
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we examine how air quality concerns could affect rural fire departments and look into the world of cybersecurity.
Military Vehicles Affect Fires
Rural fire department budgets depend on buying and rebuilding Department of Defense surplus equipment for use in fighting fires.
Protecting the Environment
The Environmental Protection Agency was created to protect human health and the environment, but now it’s criticized for governmental overreach.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1424
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we look at Oklahoma’s aerospace industry and the jobs it creates.
Small Town Company - Global Reach
The GAMIjector fuel injector could be the most successful aircraft replacement part in the history of general aviation.
Vic Bird - Promoting Aviation
The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission fosters aerospace industry growth and ensures the needs of commerce are met across the state.
One Stop Shop
ASCO Industries is a world leader in design and manufacture of complex mechanical assemblies for the aerospace industry.
CareerTech Aviation
Students can find lucrative careers through the FAA-certified aviation programs offered by CareerTech.
Daniel Stroud - Star Spangled Salute
Tinker Air Force Base is working with community partners to host the “Star Spangled Salute” air show featuring the USAF Thunderbird aerial demonstration team.
Oklahoma Horizon TV Show 1321
This week on Oklahoma Horizon, we take a look at the growing support to help veterans transition into the civilian workforce.
Hire Our Vets Day
Hire Our Vets Day connects Oklahoma veterans with employers.
Sparking a New Career
For veterans transitioning into the civilian world, it's not simply about finding jobs, but finding ones that can fulfill their passions.
Rita Aragon - Jobs For Our Veterans
Oklahoma Secretary of Veteran Affairs Maj. Gen. Rita Aragon discusses how veterans transition into civilian life.
Gov. Mary Fallin on Veteran Jobs
Value Added: We visit with Gov. Mary Fallin about her involvement in projects that help prepare troops for their return to Oklahoma.
Out-of-Shape Soldiers
Intense pressure to trim its budget is causing the military to dismiss soldiers who do not meet its fitness standards.
Ben Robinson - National Security
The rising number of physically unfit soldiers being dismissed from the military means how we treat returning troops is even more important.