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CareerTech Connection

CareerTech’s technology centers help businesses and individuals succeed in the economy and workplace through guidance and training.
CareerTech Connection

CareerTech Connection

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Show 1434: CareerTech Connection
Air Date: August 24, 2014



Rob McClendon: Well, getting a business like Michael and Karlin’s up and running is no easy task, but there is help out there. CareerTech offers adult and career development programs – usually short-term and held in the evenings at local technology centers. Now, some specifically are designed to help Oklahoma entrepreneurs needing to upgrade or expand current work skills. Now, several local tech centers also have business incubators that help startups get off the ground. Now, if you’d like to learn more, we do have links to a local tech center near you on our website, plus some success stories I think you may find interesting. Just head to and look under this week’s value added.