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Financing Independent Films

Oklahoma is home to a growing number of locally produced films.
Financing Independent Films

Financing Independent Films

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Show 1404: Financing Independent Films
Air Date: January 26, 2014



Rob McClendon: Well, while Hollywood producers may be looking for higher and higher rebates and incentives, for many local filmmakers, they’d just be happy to see their credit card limit raised. Oklahoma is home to a growing number of locally produced films, the majority these independently financed.

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Brandon Bergin: Everyone that worked on it, you know, had a full-time job. So took a week and shot for a week. And then we took a off and went back to our day jobs. And then took another week of vacation and shot that week. And then we used nights and weekends just to pick up anything else that we needed.

Rob: Brandon Bergin is a Tulsa filmmaker who wrote and directed the movie, “Self-Delusion and Other Obstacles.”

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Bergin: We spent two years refining the script. I knew the script was decent, but it wasn’t in the shape that we should actually be shooting. Finally in 2010, we had something that was ready to go.

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Rob: So using volunteers both on and off screen, Bergin turned his dream into a feature film debuting at the United Film Festival in Tulsa.

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Rob: And while such labors of love may never become a blockbuster, the head of Oklahoma’s Film Commission says local filmmakers are key to the growth of Oklahoma’s film industry.

Jill Simpson: You’re helping them tell their stories and get their films out in the industry. But also, if we support them when they’re starting out, hopefully they’ll stay here and want to build their careers here.

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Bergin: I think if you shoot a movie in Oklahoma, you get a kind of feel that you don’t get anywhere else.

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