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Keep On Truckin’

Saber Transportation Support helps U.S. companies stay legal while moving products around the country.
Keep On Truckin’

Keep On Truckin’

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Show 1439: Keep On Truckin’
Air Date: September 28, 2014



Rob McClendon: Well, one critical component of manufacturing success is the ability to get products to their end user efficiently and on time. That’s why a small Oklahoma company in Ada, Okla., is helping transportation companies around the nation stay legal while out on the road. Once again, here’s our Courtney Maye.

Courtney Maye: In Ada, Okla., a family business is emerging as a nationally recognized drug testing company.

Dewayne Reed: We help ’em stay compliant with all the DOT rules and regulations. And if they have questions, they can call us, and sometimes we may not know the answer, but we know how to find what the answer is. And then not only do we give ’em an answer, but we give ’em a solution to their problem.

Courtney: But it hasn’t always been easy.

Reed: We had an office there in Oklahoma City for a while, which I’m from Stonewall so it was a long commute, and when I didn’t commute, well, I slept on the floor on a blow-up mattress.

Courtney: No longer sleeping on the floor, Reed credits his company’s success to a program offered by the Pontotoc Technology Center. This program allowed him to launch his career in his hometown.

Reed: The technology center, Pontotoc Technology Center, contacted me about getting into their incubator program, which I was so happy that they did, because it allowed me to get off the floor and back down here to Ada and at home where I didn’t have to commute or sleep on the floor.

Courtney: Saber Transportation Services does business across the transportation industry, and Reed says customers are often unaware of the strict guidelines that must be met.

Reed: A lot of ’em don’t really understand what they get into, what they’re getting into when they get in the trucking business. There are a lot of rules and regulations that they just don’t research and know how involved it is and how much safety requirements there are.

Courtney: And above all, Reed says, customer satisfaction is the family’s goal.

Reed: As long as we can see positive growth every year and continue to satisfy our customers, that’s our main thing.