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Rocking the Palace

The old-fashioned rocking horse is still a coveted toy, even for royalty.
Rocking the Palace

Rocking the Palace

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Show 1507: Rocking the Palace
Air Date: February 15, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, an Oklahoman has been keeping a presidential secret. As Andria Morgan tells us, the first family, with help from a local craftsman, is rocking Buckingham Palace.

Andria Morgan: Childhood toys may have evolved over the years, yet as one Oklahoman shows us, the old-fashioned rocking horse is still a coveted toy even for royalty.

Andria: With a chip here and a sand there, Jackie Wilson has been making rocking horses for nearly 30 years.

Jackie Wilson: When I was pregnant with our first baby, I ran into an article in a magazine that showed how to make a rocking horse, and I was so excited because I gotta make a horse for this baby.

Andria: What began as a hobby progressed into a business – a business that caught the attention of some very important people.

Wilson: I got a call from the State Department, and they were looking at the website, and the lady was from the Office of Protocol. One of their responsibilities was to buy gifts for dignitaries, and she couldn’t tell me who it was for but we talked back and forth, emailed and eventually I actually could tell, kinda guess from some of her clues that this was for the little prince.

Andria: A gift that started as a piece of wood Wilson chisels for detail, smoothes edges and paints the horse to life.

Wilson: It was a year later when, this last summer in 2014, when I discovered, it came out in the news publicly that Obama had given a horse to the little, you know, Prince George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Andria: And for little Prince George, his horse was delivered and put on display at Buckingham Palace, an exhibit Wilson saw firsthand.

Wilson: It was beautiful. And the atmosphere Buckingham Palace has, there’s something really special over there that we miss here. They have such an honor for their royalty and I appreciated that atmosphere that they carry, the respect and honor for their queen.

Andria: Back here at home, Wilson continues to make rocking horses for people and kids to enjoy.

Wilson: When I was in the store and the kids would come into the store, oh, they, the gleam in their eye, they, they’d, you know, run to the horses and want to ride the horses. And just seeing the pleasure how the kids riding the horses is where I get my pleasure.

Andria: Now, when Wilson was at the exhibit in London, a curator told her that her horse was displayed in the exact location of where Queen Elizabeth dubs knights.

Rob: Now, while fit for royalty, not all of Wilson’s rocking horses have a princely price. If you’d like to take a look, we have a link to her website under this story at