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Returning to Civilian Life

The Oklahoma Military Connection helps returning veterans find new careers back at home.
Returning to Civilian Life

Returning to Civilian Life

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Oklahoma Military Connection

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Show 1527: Returning to Civilian Life
Air Date: July 5, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, despite their service, the unemployment rate of military veterans still exceeds that of the general population. That’s why an initiative called the Oklahoma Military Connection is helping link companies to veterans looking for work.

Rita Aragon: This kind of event brings those people who really are dedicated to hiring veterans. And the veterans who need a job, some of them have tremendous skills that are really needed to keep the business and enterprise of Oklahoma running.

Rob: Before each hiring event, registered veterans will receive a list of companies hiring in their preferred fields as well as resume preparation and interviewing tips. Now, to learn more about the next hiring event, just go to, which we have a link to on our website.