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Sharing Sacrifices

Mike Boettcher strongly disagrees with the old journalism saying, “No story is worth dying for.”
Sharing Sacrifices

Sharing Sacrifices

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Show 1527: Sharing Sacrifices
Air Date: July 5, 2015



Rob McClendon: Well, there is an old saying in journalism that no story is worth dying for, an axiom Oklahoma war correspondent Mike Boettcher says he could not disagree more with. While he recognizes the danger he puts himself into every time he travels into a combat zone, Boettcher believes there’s an even bigger danger to our democracy if he doesn’t. With less than 1 percent of Americans now serving in active duty, Boettcher believes it is his duty to show us as we sit comfortably at home on our couches just some of the sacrifices made by our nation’s bravest sons and daughters. I’m Rob McClendon. Thanks for watching. See you back here next week.