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CareerTech - Making a Difference

CareerTech educators prepare students to be successful in education, in the workplace and in life.
CareerTech - Making a Difference

CareerTech - Making a Difference

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Show 1633: CareerTech - Making a Difference
Air Date: August 14, 2016



[Conference Excerpt: This year, our theme is “Making A Difference.” And as we all know, the career and technology education system contributes significantly to our state’s economic success and our quality of life.]

Rob McClendon: Well, it was my pleasure to take part in the 49th Annual CareerTech Summer Conference. Each year, teachers, counselors, administrators and staff members from across the CareerTech System prepare for the new school year, while also honoring those who have made a lasting impact on countless lives. This year the top recognition, called the Francis Tuttle Award, named for the founder of CareerTech System, went to Phil Waul, who served 42 years as an instructor, campus director, assistant superintendent and superintendent of Central Technology Center in Drumright. Express Employment Professionals also recognized four CareerTech employees with cash awards totaling $20,000. Top statewide recognition went to Mary Foxworth, a literacy and academic instructor at Tulsa Technology Center, who received a $10,000 award for Teacher of the Year.

Mary Foxworth: It’s just like a dream. It’s what you’ve worked for all your life. It’s kind of like becoming the NFL player of the year in education.

Rob: Foxworth, a 42-year educator nominated for the award by her co-workers and students, was selected for making significant contributions towards innovative programs that are improving and promoting career and technology education, something that Express founder and CEO Bob Funk says helps our economy.

Bob Funk: These teachers are extremely flexible when companies need help and they need employees in certain categories. They’re willing to design the programs and help each company to fulfill their needs. And so it’s extremely important as we grow our companies in-state and as we attract others from out-of-state that the CareerTech teachers do a great job. And they do do what we would like for them to do, and that is to train great students.

Rob: Well, also recognized at this year’s CareerTech Summer Conference with cash awards was practical nursing instructor Dustin Hicks as Postsecondary Teacher of the Year; marketing education instructor Natalie Jordan won Outstanding New Teacher of the Year; while Laura Manahan, an administrative assistant and data analyst at Francis Tuttle Technology Center, received a $2,500 award for Outstanding Support Staff Member.

Rob: Well, joining me now in studio is Oklahoma CareerTech’s State Director Marcie Mack. Why bring all the CareerTech educators together at the beginning of the year?

Marcie Mack: One of our greatest assets in developing Oklahoma’s workforce is in the people who provide the educational opportunities for students to help them be successful in education, in the workplace and in life.

Rob: So this year’s theme was ”Making a Difference.” So how much difference does Oklahoma CareerTech make?

Mack: CareerTech makes an exceptional difference. It makes an exceptional difference for our more than 6,700 companies that we get the opportunity to serve each year in more than our 500,000 enrollments that we have in a year. Many touch points that we have in our comprehensive schools, in our technology centers and also in our skills centers with a population of individuals who are allowed the opportunity to obtain technical skills so when they transition back into our communities, into the workplace, that they have the ability to have a sustainable wage and move on with their life and be a part of the workforce. So the ability and the making a difference that CareerTech does, it’s across the board, it’s in multiple facets, and we get the opportunity to explore new facets every day and touch people’s lives.

Rob: You know, I had the opportunity to visit with a lot of those instructors, and the one thing that I came away with from talking to all of them was a single word, and that was passion.

Mack: Absolutely. Passion to be an educator, passion to be a part of the education system. It’s not about their work, their concern when you talk to an educator, and even in the general session when we had the opportunity to hear from three exceptional students who talked about the concern of their instructors and how their instructors helped them to move them forward. That passion that individuals have, all of the teachers and educators that were recognized, they have that passion to make a difference in other’s lives and help to move individuals forward, help them to provide the resources that they need to be successful.

Rob: All right. Thank you so much. CareerTech’s State Director Marcie Mack.