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Oklahoma Film Locations Reel

Value Added: The Oklahoma Film and Music Office works to attract creators of film, television, video and music to the state. One tool it uses is the film enhancement rebate program.

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Show 1611: Oklahoma Film Locations Reel
Air Date: March 13, 2016


Oklahoma offers filmmakers one of the highest base rebate percentages in the country -- 35 percent. Filmmakers can get another 2 percent rebate by using the state’s music and recording industry.

They must spend at least $50,000 -- $25,000 must be spent locally -- and although there is an annual cap of $5 million for the entire program, there is no cap for how much one project can receive in rebates. And filmmakers can find a wide variety of filming locations in Oklahoma’s 12 ecoregions, from the prairies of the Great Plains to forests, plateaus and sand dunes.


The rebate program is administered by the Oklahoma Film and Music Office.

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