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Centennial Manufacturing

Value Added: The Mills family of Shawnee has three manufacturing companies that can trace their economic legacy over a century.
Centennial Manufacturing

Centennial Manufacturing

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Shawnee, Oklahoma

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Show 1644: Shawnee: Centennial Manufacturing
Air Date: October 30, 2016



Rob McClendon: Shawnee is home to three centennial manufacturers that can trace their heritage back over a century. Started by an Oklahoma homesteader, Shawnee Mills opened its doors in 1906 and is still operated by third and fourth generations of the family. Today, the food division of Shawnee Milling creates a variety of flour, cornmeal and baking products, but have never lost track of their roots, one of the reasons Shawnee Milling is one of the largest supporters of the Made in Oklahoma program. Well, as a major railroad hub, Shawnee’s Round House Overalls literally clothed America’s western expansion. Today, Round House is the largest all Made in the USA jeans and overalls manufacturer, producing almost 300,000 units of Round House American Made jeans and overalls per year, which takes about six miles of cloth per week and 12 million feet of thread a month. Now, just down the road is Mills Machine Co., a leading U.S. manufacturer of earth drilling tools, bits and related accessories. Backed by more than 100 years of experience, Mills Machine has earned a reputation as the “Driller’s Custom Job Shop,” whether it be for water wells or a variety of industries. Chuck Mills is the company president.

Chuck Mills: Manufacturing is where it all starts. I mean, everything else is a service. So if we’re not making things then we’re not growing. And this state needs manufacturing. The United States needs manufacturing. You know, we have to compete with a lot of global interests in the world. We compete with China and Europe and the Middle East and South America every single day. No longer do we think about our competition in the next state. Our competition is global.