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Tim Clue - The Unlikely Teacher

Tim Clue, a humorous, interactive, motivational speaker, shares his thoughts on his own third-grade report card.
Tim Clue - The Unlikely Teacher

Tim Clue - The Unlikely Teacher

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Tim Clue

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Show 1712: Tim Clue - The Unlikely Teacher
Air Date: March 19, 2017



Rob McClendon: Tim Clue likes to call himself the unlikely teacher. A self-described terrible student, Clue went on to become a university instructor, comic and motivational speaker. So when he sent us his own third-grade report card, we just had to share his trip down memory lane.


Tim Clue: So, yeah, actually this is kind of crazy. I, uh, stumbled across my, my actual third-grade report card. Yeah, that’s really it. Nah, nah, don’t read, don’t get ahead of me. Now, I think this first one is a bit of a tell. I mean, I mean you’ll get it. Ah, yes, a live wire. My mom used to call me a handful. Oh, yes, Cole, he’s a handful. Sure, but what she wanted to write down was, [pause]. Yeah, yeah, like that. Yeah! Definitely that. OK, get a load of this one. [Pause] This here is every teacher’s desperate search just to think of one nice thing to say. Just one! She’s like, “He never shuts up; he never shuts up!” Wait, wait, that’s it! I’ll say his incessant talking is, is, good expression! Yes! That will work! Which is much nicer than this. [Pause] All right what’s next here? [Pause] Uh huh, sure – my wife said that to me yesterday. Really? Look, look, look right here. We see [Pause] what almost feels like a confession. Look how she runs out of room even trying to explain herself. I mean even the writing looks painful. But really, duct tape, hallway, I mean “snake eye” – a teacher’s got to have tools. And I didn’t blame her, in fact I think she should have just written down what she wanted to say. “I know why you’re so happy when you drop him off.” Oh, and now, this last one – oh boy this is just so layered. [Pause] See what I mean? No, it would have not made a difference. The poor woman is just doubting herself, wishing for a more, you know, relaxing career like [Pause] yeah, could have done that. OK, [Pause] storm chaser, come on, fun! I mean look, all those, they’re stressful, yes, but compared to a third-grade classroom? Piece of cake! So thank you, Mrs. Alberts and teachers everywhere. This is one live wire who can never thank you enough.

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